About Timeline

Timeline is RIT’s non-traditional yearbook, which strives to capture the spirit and life of the campus as a whole. We are completely different from the notions that most people have of a yearbook. Instead of containing hundreds of pages of 1 inch pictures of people you might not remember, we feature images of events and happenings from around campus.

What’s more, we try to remain as innovative as possible, through projects such as:

Timeline Live: Our real time video/social networking project, Timeline Live allows students and visitors to Tweet and interact with our staff as they take video of events on campus, in real time.

MyTimeline: MyTimeline is Timeline’s on-demand, interactive yearbook project. MyTimeline allows anyone from the RIT community to create a completely custom yearbook, complete with sections from our pre-made yearbook, along with their own photos and captions. Once their book is complete, they can download a free copy to view and share with friends and family, or they can order a professionally printed, hard copy.

Timeline is managed by Chris Cowdery-Corvan, a 4th year Software Engineering student, and Mike Bruckner, a 3rd year Information Security and Forensics student. Chris can be reached at: chris@mail.rit.edu, and Mike can be reached at: mikebrucknerrit@gmail.com.

We welcome anyone and everyone who wants to help out with the yearbook. We need help with taking photo and video, writing copy for the book, designing layouts, helping with advertising, and coding our technical projects. Even if you’ve never written a line of code before, or never taken a single picture, we will welcome you and help bring you up to speed. Anyone wishing to join Timeline should contact Mike or Chris.

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