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Web Design 101

Today, our Co-Editor in Chief, Chris Cowdery-Corvan, gave a fantastic Tech Talk, introducing the concepts of web design and development, including what makes a website effective and easy to use. Chris also walked us through the creation of a sample site, detailing President Destler’s banjo collection.

We want to thank everyone who attended, but also to invite everyone to come next week, Saturday, November 6th at 4:00 PM in the SDC, room 2010, when we will be continuing our discussion on web design and development.

For your convenience, you can download Chris’s slide deck and sample website files here.

Also, below, you will find a couple of fantastic applications that will help with your web development process.

General Resources

Adobe Kuler is both a web-based site, and an Adobe AIR application allowing you to create color schemes for use across your website. Access to the website and the AIR application (Kuler Desktop) are both free. If you do not have Adobe AIR and you wish to use Kuler Desktop, you can download it here.

Access the OnLine Site | Download Kuler Desktop (AIR App)

Mac Resources

MindNode – A great mind mapping application allowing you to layout your site’s content and to map out major points you want to include on your site. Chris used this application to layout the same website. MindNode is offered in both a free version and a more feature-rich, professional version for $25.

Main MindNode Page | Download Free | Download Pro Trial

Coda – Simple, one-window web development for the mac. Allows you not only to write your code, but also to develop your CSS, and upload your files to you web server, all in one. Coda offers a 30 day trial, and costs $100.

Main Coda PageDownload Trial

TextMate – A fantastic text editor allowing you to do any text editing and web coding you could ever want. This is the application Chris used during today’s demo. TextMate is available as a 30 day trial, and costs $45.90 with an education discount.

Main TextMate Page | Download Trail

You can also use you Mac’s built-in TextEdit application as well to code your website as well.

Windows Resources

For users of Windows, you already have many of the built in applications necessary to build your websites, including notepad and paint.

For those of you wishing to use a more powerful text application, I suggest Notepad2, available as a free download here.

Have other apps that you love to use? Post them in the comments below!

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Mike Bruckner, the Co-Editor in Chief of Timeline, is a third year Information Security and Forensics student. When he isn’t working with Timeline, he’s either working at the Registrar’s Office on campus or working on creating some new recipe to cook.

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